Firm Overview

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Nemours Capital Management

  • Independence: Nemours Capital is headquartered in Paris and registered with the AMF (Autorité des marches financiers) under the identification GP 14 00 00 38. The capital of the firm is held entirely by the 3 founding partners ensuring aligned interests with investors.


  • Focus: Thanks to Nemours’ best-in-class service providers for Portfolio Management System, Middle Office, Risk and Compliance, the portfolio management  team can focus on delivering performance

Our service providers:

Nemours Capital was selected to being Finaltis 2014’s “Talent Detection” investment team. Nemours Capital benefits from Finaltis’ IT infrastructure as well as Middle and Risk Support.

Leading compliance consulting firm auditing and assessing the adequacy and efficiency of the compliance system and the internal control processes.

Front-to-back portfolio management system provider that covers the entire management chain: OMS, position keeping, risk management, compliance and reporting.

CACEIS is our fund’s Custodian & Administrator. It is one of the world’s leading asset servicing providers and is the premier player in the sizeable French market. CACEIS is a member of the Crédit Agricole Group